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Engine Repair

We have been having some issues with the engine that runs the mill while we wait for permission to rebuild the dam. It was leaking in various places..(kind of like a strainer..) Several of the board members worked on it trying to get it back into operating order.. to no avail. Someone suggested that David Jewell might be able to help, so we gave him a call. He happily came to the mill and looked things over. He discovered several things wrong and began to put his talented hands to work to fix it. He replaced the plugs and points and condenser, freed up the distributer advance, rebuilt the carburetor, welded the governor rod and found a couple other items that were not critical, but he will fix them in the future.
What a guy he is. When he sent the bill, it was only for the parts he had to replace. He donated his labor. We appreciate his kindness and generosity more than we can say. Ben's Mill Trust LTD is always pleased with people who take a great interest in the restoration of the mill. Thanks David!!!!!!

Hammer-In 2016

Hammer-in at Ben's Mill

On July 2nd, there was a hammer-in for blacksmiths held at the forge in Ben's Mill. There were several 'Smithys' there, each ready to give a demonstration of their pet project. Lucian Avery of Hardwick gave a tutorial of making a hatchet and James Tuescher of Walden demonstrated how to make a decorative leg for the settee he had made in the past. A blacksmith from Virginia happened to see the sign outside and stopped in to join in the activities. He later came back on several weekends to do a project he had in mind. People always love to see the forge in operation. After the hammer-in, a pot luck 'supper' was held (with some help from West Barnet Quick Stop's pizza)
There have been several hammer-ins held at the mill and it is always a popular Saturday function.

Lois Allen


Barnet, Vermont - on the West Barnet Road, about 2.5 miles west of I-91. 

OPEN Memorial Day - Columbus Day
SAT & SUN, 11a-3p


For tours, please call Mike Lamp at


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Ben's Mill Trust
P.O. Box 50
Barnet, Vermont
(802) 357-2010


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